Night Time Blues

07-03-2017   NIGHT TIME BLUES

Sitting on my window sill, watching people passing by while the street lanterns are switching on. French Jazz is playing in the background, underlining my thoughts. Happy thoughts, with a side of sadness because of him leaving in only a few weeks. Colourful little birds conquer the trees at the opposite side of the street. It seems like they’re moving and dancing to the jazzy rhythms, filling the whole street. Colour, that’s what I want in my life, no, even more: I want to paint my life in all the colours I can think of. Vibrant shades of red and pink to dance along the streets of Barcelona. Blue like the ocean and the beautiful cars in Havana and wildly mixed, like the upcoming months. This is not an ending of something, yet the beginning of so much (new). This is the beginning of something big and wonderful. And just as the sun sets to completely disappear, I embrace the darkness even more, soak it all in with a smile, before I blow out the candles. Time to go to bed. Tomorrow is another day of this new chapter. A new day filled with inspiration and work.

A new day, with a heart full of love.


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