Wavy Hair, Don’t Care. Changes Changes ♡


Good morning, my loves.

Today is a super rainy day and I love it! It’s the perfect weather for planning, making vision and motivation boards and to write your heart out! This morning, I decided to dance myself into this wonderful new way and I couldn’t by any more motivated. Today is all about writing. I will work on new posts (I know, it’s been a while), continue writing on something else (which is very special to me) and maybe write on some ideas for new videos.

I am currently sorting out my stuff to prepare for the big move to Frankfurt in September. Yes, it’s still three months to go but I feel like, especially this year, time is running. I want to plan and prepare properly. Also, I have never been this excited for a move before, so maybe that’s why I can’t wait to finally start! 😀

As we’re talking about changes: Maybe some of you have already noticed but… I changed my hair. The blonde was nice but I felt it’s time to be more grown up and as my style in general changes, a fresh hair cut (and colour) wouldn’t hurt nobody. On Monday two weeks ago, me and my bestie decided it’s time for changes in AND out and we went for it. I couldn’t be happier and love how it came out. I especially love the length of my hair now, as it is perfect for summer. This length also is perfect for super fine hair like mine, as it’s easier to style now (struggle!). I love to try out more recently and to experiment with make-up, clothes, hair and looks in general. I developed the love for way hair, by the way and can’t wait to try out more products to maintain that lion mane (talk about Bumble&Bumble here).

I wish you all a wonderful Friday and a lovely start into the weekend. Make the most out of it! ♡

xo Deborah Chloé



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