Love, Friendship and other “affairs” – Frame of Possibilities

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As I said&wrote before, I decided to grab my camera every now and then and do some quick chatters. I like the idea of talking about whatever topic is on my mind. I would love to inspire and be inspired, to connect with people all over the world and spread some love and positivity. ♡

Love, Friendship and other “affairs” – The Frame Of Possibilities 
Have you ever been in a situation where you where talking to or discussing with someone and felt like they treat you rude or disrespectful? You feel misunderstood and might have expected them to act differently. If this is with someone you know for a longer amount of time, you might start questioning the kind of friendship/relationship.
I think we’ve all experienced this kind of situations, either with strangers or people in our closer environment. The smallest situations, like someone being rude at the post office, supermarket, or elsewhere. Someone who insulted you just because, people who let out their bad energy on you. It takes a bit of practice to reach a level where you just don’t give a (insert beloved swore word here) and  move on, without spending/wasting your time and energy in being mad about them.
What really helped me here is to think about their behaviour and habits as a “frame of possibilities”. Each person has  their own frame in which there are all their experiences they’ve made and habits they’ve adapted over the past years. Therefore, everyone handles certain situations differently. They handle it the way they’ve learned it and therefore do the “best” they can.

To get to know more about that, feel free to watch the video and let me know what you think, either on the comments here, or on my new video! Have you ever been in such a situation and if so, what do you do?
Also: What would you like to see a video about? Not only on every day philosophy, but in general. I am happy for any suggestion!

I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week, stay wonderful and don’t forget to breathe!

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