Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Hello, lovely!

I hope you had a great day so far and a good start into this new week.
When I woke up this morning, the day greeted me with a grey and gloomy face. The birds sang their happy song anyways, greeting the day even more friendly. I decided to do the same. You know, those moments when you cross a strangers’ path, look at them and they look back at you with the grumpiest face ever? Don’t reflect them or let their expression irritate you. Smile back at them, with all your heart and, trust me, it works wonders! I always do this because, first of all, we all have a bad day every now and then and, second, you never know their story or feelings. Also, a honest smile never hurt nobody (yes, honest! There is no reason to show your teeth except when smiling at someone honestly and with all your heart).

Why am I telling you this, you ask? Because it’s what I do with gloomy days, too. I jumped out of bed this morning, opened the window, stretched and greeted the day with a huge smile. Not only is it nicer, than to mirror the gloominess, it also benefits your happiness and therefore your health. Just try it! Close your eyes and think of something  (or someone) that (who) never fails to make you smile, take a deep breath and – smile. Doesn’t it feel amazing?

I took a long shower (normally I am super quick with that), enjoyed the warmth on my skin and went trough all the ideas I want to realise in the near future. I is just me, or does someone else also get the best ideas while showering?
After mentally preparing myself for the day ahead, I snuggled up in a super fluffy towel and inspected my closet for something to wear.  As I was standing there, shaking my butt to the music from my absolute happiness playlist (which you can find here! You’re welcome 😉 !), the sun decided to come out and showered me in the warmest hugs. I closed my eyes and wished, this feeling would stay the whole day, when I suddenly remembered that there was a wonderful scent waiting in my perfume “collection”: Laura Mercier – Tarte au Citrón. This scent gives me that exact feeling of a warm and gentle hug all day.
A scent, which smells warm and sweet, yet fresh enough not to cause diabetes. A scent which makes me feel like both- a little girl running through a citrus garden in the summer sun, dancing and laughing with the rhythm of summer and a lady. A beautiful woman who wanders gracefully through the garden, admiring the beauty in her environment, stopping by every now and then to smell the flowers and citrons on her way.
It also reminds me of the smell of my mums’ and my grams’ freshly baked cakes, still warm from the oven. I loved to steal a few bits and bobs, as long as the cake was still warm. It’s incredible, how a scent awakens not only the senses, but also our memories.

What makes you happy? Maybe also a scent, a special song, book or your dog (all of this makes me a happy clam 😀 ) ?

For all those, who now got an overdose of happiness – sorry, not sorry. I’ve not always been such a powerful ball of happiness (and yes, I also have bad days) but there was a moment in my life last year, where I decided to choose happiness above everything else. It’s not only a feeling but, for me, it’s a habit. You can do it, too. Choose happiness, smile that gloominess away and kick its ass by enlightening your life ♥ .

xx Deborah Chloé ♥

P.S. This post is not sponsored in any way! 😀 It’s just one of my all time favourites.


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