Sunday Thoughts: Art of Lightness

Happy Sunday, beautiful.

I hope you had a great weekend so far and a wonderful good night sleep last night.
This post will be a bit more of talking, so if you’re not in the mood to get punched by a lot of  cheesy energy and positivity, this one’s not for you! 😀

I had a dream last night, about living in Los Angeles. Do you know those kind of dreams, where you literally feel and experience everything like it’s reality? I felt the warm summer breeze on my skin, felt the sand squeezing through my toes while walking along the beach, and I could literally smell the ocean. It was one of those kind of dreams and when I woke up, I felt as energised as… never before.
I jumped out of bed, stretched a bit and made a list of things I would like to do today (I’ve become a total list-enthusiast lately!). I then jumped into my workout clothes and went for a longer walk along the river. I love living so close to the water as it, for me, just has this calming and soothing but at the same time energising effect. I went back and met a group of people who did some meditation at the park right in front of my door and when the teacher saw me smile at them, he invited me to join the group. I felt like in one of these Hollywood movies, where so many beautiful things happen after one another, that it just has to be a movie because, who would experience something like that in real life? Well, I did! I joined the group and whereas I never really experienced meditating before, I got into the flow real quick and enjoyed it a lot. It was all about the right breathing and about letting go of the (mental) weights. I could feel the energy circulating through my body, my muscles got lighter and I felt nothing but inner peace since then. It’s happenings and moments like these, which make life so lovable.

I went to get some breakfast afterwards, came back home and enjoyed a good cuppa coffee (new addiction over here… ) and then spontaneously decided to spend the rest of the day with my grandparents. This might sound super cheesy, but when the meditation teacher asked us to close our eyes while standing on one leg (props to every flamingo ever on managing that!), to take deep breaths and get aware of all the beauty we have in life, I suddenly became so happy that I teared up. I am so thankful for all the beautiful people in my life, for the situation I am in right now, even though I am not that happy with my studies. I told myself to replace negative emotions and situations in life with positive thoughts. So instead of thinking “I am not happy with my subjects and studies” I will think “I am thankful for the opportunity to get education and rock that last semester no matter what!“. “I am thankful for the wonderful family I have!”, (even though I wanna tear my hair every now and then!  ). I am thankful for every person who crossed my path in life yet. For those who enriched my life, for those who hurt me and taught me a lesson. I am thankful for being who I am and where I am.
We become what we think and therefore our life is a huge puzzle built by our thoughts (even the smallest). Everything is energy so make it a good one and remember: you are the designer of your own life. <3


As nearly everything I wear is “last season” (this sounds so much like a negative thing, but I love it!), I link some similar pieces below. The jacket (sadly) isn’t available anymore, as I got it two years ago on sale (at ZARA). But there are so many wonderful alternatives! Keep your eyes peeled, guys.

Jeggings: similar here
Black top: similar here (with lace, perfectly trending)
Bomber Jacket: similar here (velvet, one of my faves!)
Pointed Pumps: similar here or here
Bag: similar here

The pictures were taken two days ago, when it was sunny and warm outside. Can you tell I am in love with that dog? It was love at first sight! I opted for a plain pair of jeggins (is that still a fashion no go? If so: I don’t care ’cause they’re comfy and my body is changing due to the nutrition change 😀 ), a plain but super soft button down black top, my pointed pumps and my all time favourite jacket! The bomber jacket might look a bit like Christmas, but I love to combine this master piece with everything, as it makes me feel put together straight away! Let’s just pretend the pearl embroidery is all about flowers in general, not about ice flowers or winter 😉 .

What did your Sunday look like? Are there any rituals you have and like to stick to? What do you do to stay positive and focus on lightness in your life? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

I wish you a wonderful start into this new week, a lot of energy and positivity <3 .

xx Deborah Chloé


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