California Dreaming

For me, to dream doesn’t mean to hide from reality. It’s a way to redesign your visions and desires in the best way possible, for that you can transform your dreams into the best reality you could dream of.

I wake up by the sun, kissing me softly good morning. Birds are singing the most beautiful song, written by mother nature. I wake up with a smile, with a lot of energy to start and rock the day. I love this weather, this mood, this atmosphere. I open my window, people are running errands already, children are running to school, laughing their little asses off. It’s the sound of spring, which holds on until the end of summer. At least, when the sun is joining us and decides to spread some happiness.
I’ve always been a dreamer and whereas I (as a teenager) used to think that this is something bad, I now wouldn’t change a single thing. I recently learned, that there are different kinds of dreamers. Those, who only dream and really hide behind their dreams and those, who dream to envision and then go for it. I developed a mindset which lead me to the second kind of “dreaming”. I am open to my environment and even though I am a dreamer, I am at the same time super attentive and realise and notice everything around me. Let’s say, I am quite sensitive to the vibes around me and Germany does not always have the best and friendliest (at least for me!).

Since years and years, one of my biggest dreams is moving to Los Angeles one day. When I say dream, I mean I am planning. It took me years and years to start this site but now that I did it, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. To inspire others, to be inspired by others and to get creative on my own terms to put a smile on my readers’ face, makes me happy. I wake up early in the morning to write down my ideas and I’m not gonna lie: that spring just has sprung, makes this a ton easier! When people ask me, why I wanna move to Los Angeles, all I can say is “It’s a feeling. It’s deep inside of me and I can’t get it out of my mind. And I don’t want to.”. I feel with Los Angeles it’s either a hate or love relationship and a lot of people around me don’t like it. Most of them have never been there but judge it by its cover which, for them, isn’t inviting. For me it is. I am a sun lover and happiest when it’s warm and sunny. Not only does it increase my mind a lot, but also my body changes for the good. I feel healthier and happier in general (a lot of happiness here 😀 ). I need a certain vibrancy around me, to be creative and let my creativity flow. So…When I think of Los Angeles (and California in general), the words that come to my mind are …


sun. happiness. vibrancy. creativity. city of dreamers and believers. city of hustlers. freedom. laughter. ice cream. palm trees. beach. road trip.  lightness

Sweater H&M: here

Pants ZARA: similar here

Shoes VANS: similar here

Backpack (which I love because it’s not leather but it looks really good): here

Just to name a few. Yes, this is dreamy and I am well aware of the fact, that not everything is glitz and glam and cotton candy happiness. Every city has its different faces and I can’t wait to discover those of Los Angeles. But first things first: a university diploma wants to be finished and things will need some planning ahead. In the meanwhile, I continue envisioning my life and creating content which sets me a tiny tat in the mood already. Content which makes happy and inspires. Close your eyes, envision your dreams and feel them. Make them come alive in front of your eyes and grab them. Go for them. <3

As spring showed its little beautiful face for the first time this year, me and my mum jumped out on the streets, enjoyed the sun and took some pictures. I went for a cropped jumper which I recently got and love! It’s super soft inside and just right for the transition from spring to summer, as it is cropped and therefore a bit lighter. I mixed it with jogging pants (but with a finer fabric) and my beloved minnie mouse VANS (which we both didn’t put in the pictures though 😀 ). I love when my mum takes pictures of me, because she just sees me so differently, than everybody else does. 

Are you a dreamer? If so, what is your biggest dream and what holds you back? Let me know in the comments below.

I wish you guys a wonderful weekend ahead. May it be filled with lots of creativity, laughter and joy.

xx Deborah Chloé ♥


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