Dear Negativity – To All The Social Media “Haters”

Dear negativity,
I don’t want you in my life and neither do others. You like to sneak in through old wounds, built by situations and people from the past. I get it, you like to join the party with your friends insecurity, pride, anger and frustration, without asking for permission. Most of the time, it’s boredom calling you to hang out. Let me tell you something: you’re useless. There is a reason for you not being liked and it’s time for you to think about it, to reflect and then to either change, or pack your stuff and go.

Hey, great to have you here and welcome, to another Sunday’s thoughts Post. I hope you had a great week and an even greater weekend, filled with happiness. <3

As I stumbled upon a lot of negativity out there on social media the past week (not on my channels, but on other’s), I thought about it for a while. I normally don’t pay much attention to negative energy and neither do I comment to negative comments at all (not on my channels, nor on other’s) but this time I felt the urgent need to do so. When did it become a hobby for some people, to spread negativity, to sit behind their screens and write mean and insulting comments under other people’s pictures, videos and posts to make them feel bad? Why do people spend so much time in spreading negative energy and provoking verbal fights with others, when their time could be spend so much better? Especially people (“influencers“) who got really successful are sometimes floated with comments like that.

This week I couldn’t help myself, but commented on those kind of “hate” (do people even recognise what a powerful word this is?!) and negativity comments. For a woman, who inspired me so much with her story of success, her dedication, hard work, strong visions and beauty not only physical, but also mental. As I wrote it anyway and positivity is one of the biggest parts of my personality, I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

With success, there come haters and with them there comes negativity which is something I will never understand. I will never understand, how frustrated, bored and insecure people must be to spend their time in commenting negative thoughts on every social media possible, to bring others down and lift themselves up. The same people would (mostly) not even be able to look in someone’s eyes or even say things like that in person. We all would safe so much time and energy without these kind of thoughts. With “we” I mean those people AND everyone else. There is something called emotional intelligence but with time I noticed, that sadly there are a lot of people out there who aren’t capable of it. The time spend behind a screen, writing down all the frustration and insecurity in form of insults, fake stories and mean comments to someone, who has nothing to do with their personal struggles and insecurities, would be spend so much better in their own dreams and lives.
Beauty is a super duper benefit, yes. But a beautiful outside doesn’t bring you anywhere without dedication, hard work and a beautiful inside also. It’s sad to see that beautiful people get reduced to their beauty and that it seems so easy to blend out the fact of hard work, passion and getting up again and again, fighting for what they believe in. Also: What does beauty nowadays mean? There is so much diversity in the name of beauty and those who claim that someone is mostly successful due to their beauty, aren’t much better than those who body shame others. Even the fact, that a phrase such as “body shame” exists, feels so damn wrong, doesn’t it? It’s especially sad to see that there are mostly women, trying to bring other women down. We all would be so much happier, if everyone would spend that amount of time and energy in positive thoughts.
Deleting those kind of comments does have nothing to do with being insecure. It’s like getting rid of these ugly marks on the streets, created by people who just got rid of their bubble gums in the easiest way possible: by spitting them out without using their brain and reflecting on the situation before. These streets look ugly after a while and it’s nothing we like to walk on, right? Why walking on such a street, when we have the tools to get rid of the ugly (used) bubble gums and to plaster the way with positivity and joy instead?

As I said before, I normally never comment or react to such negativity because it’s mostly a waste of time. But with social media getting more and more filled with it, I just had to.

Dear ladies (and gents),
We all are beautiful in our own way, but jealousy, insecurity and hate are the little poisoned cocktails which make people ugly. So let’s drink a cocktail filled with proudness, inspiration and love instead, filling our hearts and souls with positivity and ideas to design our own lives as successful as others (the ones you like to bring down) do. Let go of whatever happened in your past. Let go of the people who didn’t treat you like you’d deserve to be treated. Let go of your bad habits, such as talking bad about others. No matter if strangers on the streets, or people from your past. Let go of all the negative thinkers, the haters, the ones who do not benefit your mind. Let go of all the negativity, breathe and feel how wonderful you are, without that weight on your chest.

xo Deborah Chloé




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  1. Ricardo
    March 12, 2017 / 10:18 pm

    Truth. So much. Keep on slayin’.

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