Instagram – Life Doesn’t Have a Filter

Hello lovely,
I hope you had a great day and a wonderful week so far! There is something I thought about the past days and I thought I’d share my thoughts (a lot of thinking) with you…
I stumbled upon an Instagram Account. Cotton candy dreamy pink photos smile at me and get my attention. For a few seconds, I scroll down the feed and get caught in the dreamy pink (sunset kind of) atmosphere. A picture of a sunset here, popping champagne bottles there, everything extremely neat and mixed and matched to create the perfect picture for a picture perfect Instagram Feed. “This one is nice, but it’s not reality. At least not my reality, is it? There’s not everything pink and picture perfect around me.”, I suddenly hear a friend of mine say. I can feel, how I literally wake up from my cotton candy dreamland, look up to her and then back to the feed- with different eyes. Yes, she was right. I got caught be the atmosphere, created by this color scheme. I dreamed myself away for a few seconds but this wasn’t my reality either. There were a few pictures with which I might have been able to identify myself but most of them were just like in a catalogue. But life is not choosing out the best from a catalogue, is it?
I thought about it and wrote my thoughts down. Why do we love to show only the good and perfect sides on social media and even more: why do we put way more time in CREATING a moment, than in really living right in the moment and capture them authentically?
I understand that social media is a perfect place to spread positive thoughts and feelings, to inspire others and to let people dream away from their every day trouble. This is something, every influencer wants to achieve and so do I. I also understand that there are cooperations which make you think about your pictures a bit more, because they might be sponsored and the picture is your own creative way to transport the company’s message. A lot of us are artists which love to create and capture special moments. Don’t get me wrong here, that’s not what I am talking about.
But my life doesn’t have a filter, so why should my Instagram?
Yes, a harmonic Instagram Feed is nice to look at and pictures all dreamy pink have something fascinating, don’t they? What I really miss in a lot of accounts nowadays is the face of reality. Don’t get me wrong, I like to edit my pictures and to bring out the colours a little bit more, to play with lights and shadows or to accentuate different parts, too. I also can’t free myself from playing around with filters back in the days. But let’s be honest, life has no cotton candy pink filter, or is so overexposed that one barely recognises your face. Life isn’t cotton candy pink (even though I feel like that sometimes) and all set in one single color scheme, so why should my Feed?
When did we start to “fake” in the name of perfection and where is the sense in changing a picture so much, that the clothes don’t even keep their real colour anymore? When did we become so obsessed with creating an imagine of which we know there is a slightly (huge) gap to reality? Wouldn’t we safe a lot of time, energy and nerves, if we would go back to reality a tat more?
We want people to get inspired and feel happy, when they scroll through our pictures but what I also want is to be authentic and real. I want people (and especially younger generations) to know, that not every scene in life is all glam and glitz or pink and fluffy. Life has its ups and downs and with every downside, we learn and grow a bit more. We are all wonderful and beautiful in our own way and I don’t want to be one color scheme because that’s just not me. Sometimes, life is colourful, sometimes it’s pink indeed (talk about pink velvet furniture heaven!), on other days it’s just black and white. My mind can get a bit chaotic every now and then and so does my life…
Let’s be chaotic together and celebrate reality a bit more. <3
With that being said… Dear filter, I loved you and played around with you a lot. You took away my insecurities, made me hide behind you, and change what I wanted to change. But when I now look at you, I don’t see myself anymore. The woman I am today, doesn’t need you anymore. She loves herself, she loves the colours reality uses to draw life and she loves authenticity. Thank you for the past couple of years. It’s not about you, it’s about me but… I just can’t be my true self with you so… I break up with you, sorry. <3
What do you think? Do you like to “overdo” it with filters? Do you like to scroll through totally filtered feeds or prefer authentic “schemes” which are just accenturated? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
xo Deborah Chloé




  1. Jayson
    March 17, 2017 / 12:00 pm

    I totally agree with you, even models get really insicured about themsleves when they go out in public because all of their pictures in cover magazines are 100% perfect. And that is not them.

    I was in a conference the other day about 8 tips when talking in public, the man infront was a phsycologist, economist, and teacher of professionals. He said- “when talking in public observe your audience and then let them hear what they want to hear, if they are young people let them hear or give examples of fun stuff, like parties, love life. If they are older generations talk about stuff that has to do with work and family, by that you will gain their attention.

    I guess that is the same here… don’t get me wrong I also hate those over do photos on instagram, and I also do what you used to do but I guess that’s what is all about, they post those because that’s what people want to see… and they are getting good results by doing that. Perhaphs making money out of it.

    I do like a bit of retouching, but not completly manipulating the pictures, I love those photoshop pictures that are creative and sureal because you know it’s edited. The one thing I hate the most is when people photoshop themselves pretending they are at some sort of wonderland.

    That said I think retouching is always necesary as long as you don’t remove and change the original atmosphere of the picture, like what you said, people tend to make their pictures look as if they are in some candy wonderland.

    I enjoyed reading your article, keep doing what you love and don’t stop inspiring people.


    • havanablues
      March 17, 2017 / 1:34 pm

      Hey Jayson,

      Thank you so much for your love and support and for your wonderful thoughts! I totally agree with you when it comes to editing the pictures, I do that too. I did a little test, after writing this article, and put a picture on Instagram which was barely edited and didn’t have a certain “color mood”. It didn’t get the likes. I then posted the same picture with a more happy “color mood” and tadaaa, the likes rolled in, a lot of them. So yes, I also edit my pictures, but I don’t use filters anymore, which make the picture a whole different one. I like to play with shadows, lights and warmth and if there’s a nasty piece of garbage in the background, then I’d make that disappear, too. But my feed will never be in just one color scheme, because my life isn’t either. I love black and white photography, for example, because it gives a really moody atmosphere (sometimes).

      When it comes to society and marketing in general, everything is sort of manipulation. TV commercials, magazine advertisements etc. . Give them keywords, blurry reality and make them believe this is what we / the world / life should look like. It’s sort of natural nowadays but I really do believe, that we will get back to nature more and more. In little and small steps, but steady. I believe in letting my audience (like if I’d have such a big audience already 😀 but you know, in general and in the future) read what I think they need to read, without even knowing. I love fashion as a personal expressionism and will work a lot with it in the future. But fashion is art and where there is art, there is philosophy.

      I wish you a wonderful weekend, filled with inspiration and joy.

      xx Deborah Chloé

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