Easy Like Sunday Morning

Hello there and welcome to my site,

Not only is this blogs’ title one of my all time favourite songs by Lionel Richie (if you missed out on that, you’re welcome over here), but also something I totally planned to introduce to my life in 2017: a relaxed yet productive Sunday routine. Well, not that much of a routine  as I swore myself to spice life up a bit more, but I want to have the Sunday as a day which allows me to get inspired and wind down from the past weeks’ madness. The best way to detox my mind and to redirect my focus for the upcoming week, for me, is to sit down in a café, have endless talks about everything life, to laugh all the (maybe) trouble away and let my mind wander into new directions. Always with me: my notebook to write down quotes of my friends, good anecdotes and ideas which come along during the conversations. A good cup of coffee, a good old dose of laughter, a furry love by our side and my heart is filled. Now that spring is right around the corner, I can’t wait to walk through the city, smell every freshly bloomed flower possible and go to the market before sitting down in my favourite cafés here in town and let life write new stories.

How do you like to spend your Sundays to get inspired and energised for a new week?

xo Deborah Chloé


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